Naruto Loose Leaf Pouch 15g – Naruto’s Rasengen Rush




Become a true ninja with Naruot’s Rasengan Rush, the tea that’ll have you shouting ‘Dattebayo!’ in no time! This energizing blend combines the vibrant punch of green tea, zesty lemonade, and an explosion of blood orange. Feel the Rasengan-like burst of flavour ignite your taste buds and get ready to take on any challenge, kage-level style!

Ingredients: Mauritian Green Tea, Flavouring, Food-Grade Colouring.

Taste: Light green tea with notes of orange lemonade.

Naruto’s Rasengan Rush is a must-have addition to the Naruto Anime Collection, offering a taste of adventure into the world of ninjas and the never-give-up attitude of its beloved protagonist! Discover our Coffret Set here.