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Mauritius’ Most Exciting Tea

Our Products

Tea Bags

Our tea bags are always filled with more than 3g of tea and each tea bag can be used 2-3 times without losing much of their flavour, and a single tea bag can even be used to brew 1.3 litres of iced tea! Get yourself the best tea bags in Mauritius that are simply bursting with flavour.

Loose Leaf Tea

With the exception of our white teas, all our loose leaf tea pouches are filled with 15g of the most delicious tea Mauritius has to offer. Due to the density of the tea leaves, our white tea pouches sometimes contain less than 15g but are always filled to their maximum capacity.

Tea Accessories

Our collection of tea accessories includes some fun tea infusers and tea steepers that will be sure to take your tea experience to the next level. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions to our ever expending collection of the most unique and lovely tea accessories in Mauritius.

Themed Tea Boxes

Our themed tea boxes really are a thing of beauty and wonder. Throughout the year we release some of the most unique tea boxes in Mauritius. Our previous boxes have included fan favourites such as our Harry Potter Box and our Halloween Box. Be sure to stay tuned for our special themed tea boxes.

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