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We love tea as well as exciting flavour combinations and want to bring the joy that we derive from tea drinking to like-minded individuals. All our teas are hand-blended and our flavours are crafted over countless hours of trial and error so that we can bring you tea that puts a smile on your face. We believe that life should be fun, colourful and exciting, which is what we try to make all our teas represent. For us it’s not just about the taste of our tea, but about the entire experience of receiving one of our  boxes in the mail every month. We want you to feel the excitement of a child on Christmas morning when you rip open the packaging, open up your box and discover the goodies that lie within, which is why we decided to keep the contents of every box a surprise.

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Halloween Box

Our first ever surprise box maked the official launch of our company in October 2020 and was halloween themed. The box featured homemade cookies that we baked and decorated ourselves. We also included a lovely skull shaped tea coaster. Tea blends included Apple Pie, Pumpkin Spice and Minty Choc Heaven.


Tutti Frutti Box

In celebration of the arrival of summer, we created this tropical fruit themed box in November 2020. The gift of the gift of the month was a sleek, stainless steel ball tea steeper. Our 3 fruity blends were Sweet & Sour Blast (Kiwi & Mango); Guavalicious and Summer Kiss (Banana & Strawberry)

Nov Box Lux Grande Gaube

Xmas Box

Our December 2020 Christmas box was certainly one that we had a lot of fun preparing. The inside of the box popped with Christmas colours (bright red and green) and contained our home baked Christmas cookies as well as really cute tea storage jars that were decorated and painted by hand by one of our co-founders, Zaïra. Our special tea blends were Cookie Crush (chocolate chip cookies); Ginger Bells (gingerbread) and Dité Leksi (litchi – a December staple in Mauritian households).


New Year Box

January 2021 brought with it our New Year box that was simple yet elegant. As a gift we included a plain white ceramic tea drinking bowl that added even more of a clean look to the box. Our blends were spicy and herbacious and included Genmaicha, Dité Banané and Masala Chai.


Valentine’s Box

Our February 2021 box was the perfect gift for clients to gift to that special someone on Valentine’s Day. This box made anyone receiving it feel as though love really was in the air. Our Valentine’s Tea blends included La Vie En Rose (Rose tea); Match Made In Heaven (strawberry & chocolate) and Mo Disik Dou (Cotton Candy).

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