My Hero Academia Tea Bags Tin – Izuku – Deku’s Green Smash




Channel your inner hero with Deku’s Green Smash tea, inspired by the indomitable Izuku Midoriya! This electrifying blend combines the mighty strength of green tea with the zingy flavours of apple, lemon, and a touch of cinnamon. Take a sip and feel the power surge through you, just like Deku’s One For All quirk! Sip on Green Smash and get ready to save the day!

Ingredients: Mauritian Green Tea, Cinnamon, Flavouring, Food-Grade Colouring.

Taste: A dynamic fusion of fresh apple zest and tangy lemon, with a sweet and spicy note of cinnamon.

Number of teabags: 8 Tea Bags.

Step into the world of heroes with Deku’s Green Smash tea, an essential blend that reflects the spirit of My Hero Academia. Unveil the hidden flavours of our Coffret Set here. Embrace the hero within and let this tea accompany you on your journey of growth, strength, and the unbreakable will to save others.