My Hero Academia Loose Leaf Pouch 15g – Dynamight’s Blazing Fury




Get fired up with Dynamight’s Blazing Fury tea, inspired by the explosive Katsuki Bakugou! This blend combines the boldness of black tea and the fiery kick of rooibos, infused with a tantalising blend of chilli, sweet caramel, and a burst of tangy blood orange. Let this tea detonate on your palate, just like Bakugou’s explosive quirk! Embrace the fury, unleash your inner hero, and savour the fiery flavours that will leave you shouting ‘DIE!’

Ingredients: Mauritian Black Tea, Chili, Caramel, Orange, Flavouring, Food-Grade Colouring.

Taste: Robust black tea with wild notes of rooibos and a burst of fiery chilli mixed with the sweet embrace of caramel and orange.

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