Calling all music and tea enthusiasts! Prepare for a delightful fusion of flavours and melodies as we celebrate Music Day with a special treat. Join our co-founders, Arshad and Zaïra, as they reveal their top tea-infused tracks. Get ready to sip, groove, and let the enchanting melodies harmonize with our exceptional tea collection. It’s a captivating experience that will surely tantalize your taste buds and ignite your musical soul. Discover a playlist that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to embark on a journey of musical bliss. So, grab your favourite cuppa, get ready to groove, and let the magic of music transport you to a world of pure enjoyment! Our founders are ready and excited to tell you about their top 10 songs and teas!

Our Founders’ Playlist: A Symphony of Music and Tea

Arshad immersed in music, wearing headphones and sitting in front of a laptop.

As we dive into Arshad’s tea melodies, get ready to discover a harmonious blend of songs and teas that will transport you to a world of sensory delights. Each song has been carefully picked and paired with a tea that complements its mood and vibe, in order to provide you with the best immersive experience. Without further ado, let’s explore the enchanting harmony of Arshad’s tea melodies.

Arshad’s Tea Melodies


1. Song: Ten Year Town – Hailey Whitters | Tea: Sweet Dreams

For me, this song brings a mixture of calm melancholy and determined steeliness, which somehow seems to soothe me, while also giving me the fortitude to carry on during tough times, especially through the lyrics “…lesser fools would have given up. They don’t go for broke like a dreamer does”. Sweet Dreams rooibos is the perfect tea to sip on while listening to this song. The honey is smooth and calming, while the rooibos is invigorating without being overly energising.

Sweet Dreams Tea: South African rooibos, chamomile, and honey flavours


2. Song: The Four Seasons Recomposed – Max Richter | Tea: Blueberry Cheesecake

Every time I listen to The recomposed version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by Max Richter, I can’t help but picture a sophisticated and classy, British-style tea parTea with a special MTB twist. Rather than being an overly ostentatious event, our tea parTea would be fun and colourful while remaining classy.

With its fun, and delicious flavour and smoothness of the white tea, our Blueberry Cheesecake blend would be the perfect tea to sip on at our tea parTea.

Blueberry Cheesecake Tea: Mauritian white tea, blueberry cheesecake flavour


3. Song: Interstellar Main Theme – Hans Zimmer | Tea: Pear Hazel The Wise

The main theme of the mind-bogglingly good film Interstellar is one of many great compositions by the genius that is Hans Zimmer.

This music really does transport me on a journey through space and time, making it perfect for getting me laser-focused on my work. This really is one of those compositions that I listen to on repeat while working, allowing the music to put me in “the zone”.

Sipping on our mild and mellow Pear Hazel The Wise white tea while listening to The Interstellar Main Theme really does bring that perfect element of chill that allows me to lose myself in my work. The pear, hazelnut and sage are soothing and relaxing, while the white tea offers balance with its slow release of energy, helping me to remain focused.

Pear Hazel the Wise Tea: Mauritian white tea, pear, hazelnut, and sage flavours


4. Song: Renegades – X Ambassadors | Tea: Green Twister

The lyrics and music of Renegades by X Ambassadors is one of those tracks that has the magical dual effect of motivating me to break all the rules and be creative and rebellious, while at the same time making me feel really tranquil and composed. The lyrics are powerful and moving, yet the music behind the lyrics is so relaxing and chilled out, much like our Green Twister tea blend. The green tea energises me and the ginger provides a subtle kick, while the lemongrass brings me back down.

Green Twister Tea: Mauritian green tea, lemongrass, ginger, and mint flavours


5. Song: Road Trippin’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers | Tea: Campfire Marshmallow

I absolutely love RHCP and their song Road Trippin’ was, to me, made for listening to while sitting around a campfire on a cold winter evening, enjoying the company of good friends, and surrounded by nature.

Listening to this song always takes me back to the beautiful natural landscape of Botswana with its freezing cold winters, where I grew up. We launched MTB a few years after I’d already left Botswana, but one day I will definitely go back there, sit at a campfire with Zaïra, and we’ll sip on our Campfire Marshmallow yellow tea, enjoying the cold winter air. The perfect brew, for the perfect song, in the perfect setting.

Campfire Marshmallow Tea: Mauritian yellow tea, toasted marshmallow flavour


Are you already vibing with Arshad’s playlist? Why stop the fun here when our other co-founder has also curated the best songs and teas for you? Zaïra has brought together a collection that blends music and flavours seamlessly, creating a symphony for your senses. Each song is accompanied by a tea selection that perfectly complements its essence, allowing you to immerse yourself in a harmonious experience, from Afrobeats to Alternative Japanese Rock, you’re certain to be on a musical ride with her playlist!

Zaïra’s Tea Harmonies


1. Song: Rema & Selena Gomez – Calm Down | Tea: Passion Berry Bliss

It’s impossible to not like this song! The Afrobeat vibes of Calm Down scream “tropical island”, and its slow sensual beat instantly puts me into a good mood, I want nothing more than dance on it whenever the first notes kick in. It gets even better when I’m actually listening to it while working, swaying my hips on my chair as I sip on our Passion Berry Bliss tea. I’m always surprised at how PBB is one of my favourite teas when I am not a passion fruit lover, but truth be told, this blend is definitely one of the best we’ve created so far. It tastes even better as an iced tea, which is how I drink it whenever I work on creating lovely content for you people!

Passion Berry Bliss Tea: Mauritian green tea, passion fruit, and raspberry flavours

Zaïra, co-founder of MyTeaBox, sipping tea from a mug with "love at first sip" written on it.

2. Song: Our Last Night – Hot Girl Bummer Cover | Tea: Campfire Marshmallow

I feel like this song actually reveals a lot about me, in the sense that most people tend to see me as nice and sweet – which I am most of the time lol – but I’m also a bit of a punk who grew up with rock music of all kinds, screaming my lungs out (though I doubt I can top the screaming in this song cover). I’ve discovered Our Last Night very recently actually and I absolutely love this cover. It’s just so full of energy, I come back to it anytime I feel like I need to recharge my batteries. Our Campfire Marshmallow tea pairs great with it: the sweetness of the marshmallow and the little taste of burnt caramel always makes me feel like I’m having a little treat as I re-energise myself to “Hot Girl Bummer”.

Campfire Marshmallow Tea: Mauritian yellow tea, toasted marshmallow flavour


3. Song: Møme – Playground | Tea: Mint Walker

That song is a mood on its own. I usually put it on a loop when I’m working and I need to concentrate on a specific task (you know, the very annoying one which you hate the most). My head literally moves in rhythm like the little astronaut in the video – I’ve been listening to it so much, Arshad has become sick of it! I believe Mint Walker is the go-to tea when listening to that track, it’s full of freshness with the combination of green tea and the two mints and makes me feel so chilled out when I vibe to “Playground”.

Mint Walker Tea: Mauritian green tea, peppermint, and mint flavours


4. Song: Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary | Tea: Match Made in Heaven

I’ve gotten back to this song after years of forgetting about it, thanks to this crazy trend on Wednesday Adams’ dance on TikTok. It makes me appreciate the original “Bloody Mary” from Gaga a lot more, she’s such a legend. If you’re checking our playlist, make yourself that cup of Match Made in Heaven tea and watch the fan-made video, it’s absolutely stunning!

Match Made in Heaven Tea: Mauritian black tea, chocolate, and strawberry flavours


5. Song: Dir en Grey – Cage | Tea: Bubble Berry

I’m hoping to surprise you with that one! This takes me back to my high school time, discovering and becoming obsessed with animes, J-rock, and Japan in general. Visual Kei and J-rock are from another world entirely, it’s not just about the music but also the aesthetics of it that makes you want to watch and listen more to it. “Cage” was the first song I’ve listened to from Dir en Grey, so it holds a special place in my heart. I just love chilling around while it plays loud in the house, a warm cup of Bubble Berry in my hands as I watch the glitters twirling endlessly.

Bubble Berry Tea: Mauritian white tea, bubblegum, and mixed berries flavours

Celebrate Music and Tea with Our Founder’s Playlist

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey where the worlds of tea and music collide like never before. Allow the melodies and flavours to intertwine effortlessly as you sip and groove to the beats of our co-founders’ favourite tracks. Experience the perfect harmony between tea and music, bringing pure delight to your taste buds and joy to your ears.

Listen to our Founders’ Playlist here.

If you’re trying to get your hand on the teas listed by our founders, you can easily mix and match them in our teabags boxes or create your own “Tea & Music Pairing” by selecting your favourite blends.

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