Attack on Titans Tea Bags Tin – Levi’s Steel Serenity




Time to relax with Levi’s Steel Serenity tea, a blend as meticulous as the legendary Captain himself! Savour the harmonious fusion of black and white teas, soothing lavender, calming valerian, and a zesty hint of lime. Let this tea transport you to the world of Attack on Titans, where Levi’s refined taste meets unyielding strength. Experience tranquillity in every sip, just like Humanity’s strongest soldier!

Ingredients: Mauritian Black Tea & White Tea, Valerian, Flavouring, Food-Grade Colouring.

Taste: Mellow lavender tea with a hint of citrusy note.

Number of teabags: 8 Tea Bags.

Levi’s Steel Serenity is a must-have addition to the Attack on Titans Anime Collection, granting you a glimpse into the world of Titans and the unwavering spirit of its iconic characters! Explore our Coffret Set here.