Dité Moris Tea Bag Box (12 Tea bags – 3 tea bags x 4 flavours)


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Part of our mission at myteabox is to promote local artists, artisans and entrepreneurs and help them to thrive. To this end, we’ve partnered up with 2 amazing local small businesses to bring you a collection that will help your Mauritius independence day celebrations extra special.

The design for this box was created in collaboration with Ameerah Hamuth (follow @art_by_ameerah on instagram here), a local artist whose work we fell in love with. for this box, Ameerah took her inspiration from one of the most iconic land features in Mauritius – Le Morne Mountain.

We’ve also collaborated with Nabihah Dowlut (follow @my_precious_resin on instagram here), a local artisan who’s beautiful resin work left us in awe. Chandelling the spirit of Mauritius independence, Nabihah created a beautiful, hand-crafted wood/resin tea coaster in the shape of Mauritius island and using the colours of the Mauritian flag, making it the perfect add-on to this tea box.

Select 4 out of 8 different tea flavours, all of which tell their own unique story of Mauritian culture and Heritage:

Zanana Confi and Mangue Confi are 2 blends that give anyone a throwback to
sunny afternoons spent at the seaside, eating delicious confi bought from
a local street vendor while in the company of friends and family.

Dité Leksi is the ultimate reminder of December in Mauritius, which as
every Mauritian will know, is Litchi season.

Dité Banané was crafted as one of our first-ever tea blends, and at its
heart is a way of saying Happy New Year in true Mauritian style – with a
blast of different and unique flavours that come together to create
something special (much like the melting pot of our Mauritian society).

Gato Banann is a blend that we created with one thing in mind
transcending barriers through a traditional sweet treat that is a staple in
every Mauritian household regardless of race, religion or economic

Pear Poivre is a clever nod to both the tea’s primary flavour of pear and
the historical significance of Pierre Poivre, who played a pivotal role in
introducing spices to Mauritius. The addition of nutmeg and peppercorns
to this blend not only gives it a spicy kick, but also represents the very
spices that Pierre introduced.

Sorbet Coco is an homage to its namesake, the artisanal
Mauritian sorbet that many of us enjoy as a refreshing after-dinner treat
during the hot, humid summer months. Any tourist visiting Mauritius is
bound to have made a pit stop in Port Louis and grabbed an ice-cold
Sorbet Coco to help cool off in the sweltering heat.

Limon Rodrigues pays tribute to the heavenly island of Rodrigues which adds
its own unique and beautiful flavour to our culture. And to add a bit of the mainland
to this tea, we’ve given it a twist by spicing it up with roasted coriander.