Levi Ackerman Mug – Attack on Titans – Anime Collection


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“Once the dust has settled, all you’re left with is your own heart… Keep it free of regret.” – Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titans Mug: Embrace the Unyielding Spirit

Step into the world of unrelenting determination and unmatched strength with our Levi Ackerman Mug. This mug is meticulously designed and curated as part of our Anime Collection and encapsulates the essence of Levi’s unwavering heroism.

The Emblem of a Warrior

Adorned with the Survey Corps sigil from Attack on Titans, this one-sided mug embodies the emblematic spirit of humanity’s defenders. Moreover, with the emblem as a backdrop, Levi Ackerman takes centre stage, frozen in a fierce fighting stance. The design truly captures Levi’s unparalleled dedication and readiness to face any challenge head-on.

A Tribute to Heroism

This uniquely crafted mug pays tribute to Levi’s valiant journey within the Attack on Titans universe. Likewise, it serves as a tangible reminder of his resilience, determination, and unmatched combat skills. With each sip from our Levi Ackerman mug, you’ll be reminded of the unyielding spirit of humanity’s defenders. And to make this experience even more amazing, we strongly recommend you get your hands on our limited edition AOT teas: Levi’s Steel Serenity & Eren’s Titan Brew.

Unleash Levi’s Power

Hold this TEA-rrific mug in your hands and channel Levi’s unbreakable resolve. Not only will this mug inspire you as you enjoy your favourite tea, but it will also bring to the fore Levi’s steel personality.

Order Your Levi’s Mug Today

Bring the heroic spirit of Levi Ackerman into your daily routine. Get it now and relish your tea while basking in the powerful aura of one of Attack on Titans’ most iconic characters. Simply let this mug be a constant reminder of the strength, determination, and resilience that define Levi’s legacy.

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