Gryffindor Coffret Set


e.g. Mr. H. Potter, The Cupboard under the stairs, 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey
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Each Box Contains:

• 5 x Harry Potter Themed Teas: Amortentia, Butterbeer, Chocolate Frog, Felix Felicis & Minister For Magic

• 1 x Notebook

• 1 x Bookmark

• 1 x Mug

• 1 x Mug Warmer

• 1 x Marauder’s Map Coaster

• 1 x MTB Deathly Hallows Steeper Ball

• 1 x Acceptance Letter

• 1 x Hogwarts Express Train Ticket


🧙‍♂️✉️ Limited-Edition Gryffindor Magic Box: Unleash the Wizard Within! ✉️🧙‍♂️

Calling all witches, wizards, and Muggles alike! 🪄🔮✨ Don’t miss your chance to own the most magical tea experience of the year – our exclusive Harry Potter Gryffindor Box! 🦁🪄

🚂🪄 Step onto Platform 9¾ with your very own Hogwarts Express Train Ticket, and receive a personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter that’s as real as it gets! 💌✉️

🍺🍬 Sip on Butterbeer Yellow Tea, taste the luck of Felix Felicis Green Tea, and indulge in Minister for Magic Black Tea that’s fudge-tastically good! Experience intoxicating love with our Amortentia Black Tea, and enjoy Chocolate Frog Black Tea with hints of chocolate and pear. ☕🍓🍫

🧣📚 Embrace your Gryffindor spirit with a themed notebook, bookmark, and Marauder’s Map Tea Coaster. Plus, cozy up with a Gryffindor Mug and Mug Warmer, and steep your teas with the Deathly Hallows Tea Steeper! 🦁📖

✨🪄 Every element in this box is part of an enchanting limited edition series, never to be seen again. This year’s design is exclusive to myteabox and can’t be found anywhere else. The magic, the memories – they’re all yours to savor. 🪄✨

⚡ Don’t let this magical moment slip through your fingers. Grab your Gryffindor Box now and join us on a spellbinding tea journey like no other! Hurry, as these treasures disappear faster than a Snitch in a Quidditch match. 🏰✨🧹

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