Demon Slayer Loose Leaf Pouch 15g – Nezuko’s Tranquil Flame




Experience the captivating essence of Nezuko with our Tranquil Flame tea! This enchanting blend harmonizes delicate white tea, aromatic roses, wild dandelion, juicy cherry, and a hint of chilli. Let the flavours dance on your palate as you immerse yourself in Nezuko’s unwavering strength, finding tranquillity and a gentle flame within every sip.

Ingredients: Mauritian White Tea, Dandelion, Chilli, Flavouring, Food-Grade Colouring.

Taste: A harmonious symphony of floral grace and fiery passion with its notes of chilli.

Step into the Demon Slayer universe with Nezuko’s Tranquil Flame tea, an essential blend that captures the essence of her duality. Discover the hidden flavours of our Coffret Set here.