Calcifer Two-Face Mug – Howl’s Moving Castle – Studio Ghibli Collection


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Here’s another curse for you: may all your bacon burn!— Calcifer, Howl’s Moving Castle

Introducing the enchanting Calcifer Two-Face Mug, a delightful addition to our Studio Ghibli Collection inspired by the beloved movie, Howl’s Moving Castle. If you’re a devoted fan of the magical world created by Studio Ghibli, then Calcifer, the lovable fire demon, holds a special place in your heart. Now, you can bring the captivating magic of this endearing character into your home with this unique and visually captivating mug. Isn’t that exciting?!

Calcifer’s charm lies in his duality, and this mug perfectly captures that essence with its two-face design. On one side, find the warm and radiant red flames, representing Calcifer’s good side, emanating comfort and warmth. On the other side, the mesmerizing blue flames depict Calcifer’s mischievous and playful evil side, adding fun and intrigue.

Calcifer Good & Evil Mug – A cup for your mood

Choose to display the corresponding side of Calcifer on your mug, reflecting your feelings for the day. The versatile design lets you switch between the two faces as you desire, embracing the magic of Howl’s Moving Castle. And if you’re feeling really annoyed on a particular day, feel free to simply show everyone the center of the mug with Calcifer’s famous quote “May all your bacon burns”!

A unique design for this Calcifer Mug

Crafted with care by Zaï, this Calcifer Two-Face Mug ensures a delightful tea-drinking experience. Sip your favourite tea and feel the warmth and joy that Calcifer exudes, becoming an inseparable part of your daily routine.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to own this magical Calcifer Two-Face Mug, a must-have for any Studio Ghibli collector or fan. Shop now and add Studio Ghibli magic to your life with!

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