Attack on Titans Tea Bags Tin – Eren’s Titan Brew




Tap into your titan strength with Eren’s Titan Brew! This dynamic blend merges the robustness of black tea, the enigmatic allure of activated charcoal, the captivating spices of chai, and the fiery kick of chilli. Embrace the spirit of Attack on Titans and let this tea empower you, channelling Eren’s unwavering determination. Join the fight and savour the strength in every invigorating sip!

Ingredients: Mauritian Black Tea, Activated Charcoal, Chilli Flakes, Chilli Powder, Flavouring, Food-Grade Colouring.

Taste: Robust notes of spiced black tea with a subtle hint of chilli.

Number of teabags: 8 Tea Bags.

Eren’s Titan Brew is an essential addition to the Attack on Titans Anime Collection, allowing you to dive deeper into the epic world of Titans and heroes! Discover our Coffret Set here.