Anya “Waku Waku” Mug – Spy X Family Anya Forger – Anime Collection


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“A spy… an assassin… this is so exciting! Waku Waku!” – Anya Forger

Join the Spy X Family fandom and dive into the heartwarming world of little Anya Forger with our Anya “Waku Waku” mug! If you’ve fallen in love with this feel-good anime, you’ll adore our newly designed Anya “Waku Waku” mug featuring the adorable protagonist.

Her cute appearance along with her silly personality makes a mix difficult to dislike. Today, we’re bringing to you our newly designed Anya “Waku Waku” mug with 2-face Anya on each side.

Share your affection for Anya with friends and fellow otakus using this special mug, thoughtfully crafted for you by our passionate otaku artist (Zaï)! A must-have for fans of Spy X Family!


*Disclaimer: Image printed on may differ from that in the product picture.