Dité Moris Independence Day Box of 12 Teabags




Glory be to thee Mother land of mine! Ki pli bon fason celebre laglwar nous pei ki enn bon tas dite? Moris enn paradi, ek pena oken rezon ki ban dite ki nou prodwir pa kapav montre sa.


MTB brings you a unique and fitting way to celebrate our Mauritian heritage with this box of delicious, Mauritius-inspired teas. The 4 amazing flavours – Dité Leksi, Sorbet Coco, Zanana Confi and the brand new Mangue Confi have all been created to showcase our heritage through our most culturally significant beverage – tea.


For a limited time only, grab yourself a box of our Dité Moris at a discounted price of Rs259.95.