Be My Valentine


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Looking for the perfect gift to give to someone when you ask them to be your valentine? We’ve got you covered with a beautiful valentine’s day gift box that will be sure to get that special person to say yes. So show just how romantic you can be by gifting this gorgeous tea box filled with some of the most delicious tea in Mauritius.


What’s in the box:

♥ 1 Valentine’s Day card with a special surprise

♥ 2 Heart Shaped Glass Vials filled with our delicious Cherry Choc (Black Tea, Flavouring, Heart Shaped Sprinkles) and Lovers’ Bouquet (Rose Petals, Chrysanthemum Flowers, Butterfly Pea Flowers) Floral Tea

♥ 1 Beautiful silicone Rose-Cupid Heart Shaped Tea Steeper

♥ 2 Reusable Tea Bags

♥ 2 beautiful handmade heart shaped tea coasters courtesy of Rozai Creations®